The Mission of The Laffer Center

The Laffer Center at the 1065 Institute is a federally approved tax-exempt entity (Section 501(c)(3)) whose mission is to provide to the general public educational information and analysis that promotes ideas and action which further economic progress and opportunity for all. The Laffer Center is named after Arthur B. Laffer, one of the nation’s leading economic minds and considered by many, along with his mentor the Nobel laureate economist Robert A. Mundell, to be the “Father of Supply-Side Economics.” The Laffer Center houses Dr. Laffer’s life’s work and seeks to be the leading source for economic research, thought, and education, including the research and published works of other economists and thought leaders whose ideas have played an instrumental role in the supply-side movement in the United States and abroad.

Most important, the Laffer Center is focused on educating people on free-market ideas and ensuring that the lessons of free-market economics are as relevant and applicable today resulting in a significant public good and purpose.


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