About the Laffer Center

The Laffer Center at the 1065 Institute is dedicated to preserving and promoting the core tenets of supply-side economics. The Laffer Center is named after Arthur B. Laffer, one of the nation’s leading economic minds and considered by many, along with his mentor the Nobel laureate economist Robert A. Mundell, to be the “Father of Supply-Side Economics.” The Laffer Center houses Dr. Laffer’s life’s work and seeks to be the leading source for supply-side research and thought, including the research and published works of other economists and thought leaders whose ideas have played an instrumental role in the supply-side movement in the United States and abroad.

Most important, the Laffer Center is focused on educating people on free-market ideas and ensuring that the lessons of market-based economics are as relevant and applicable today as they were in the 1980s when the supply-side revolution swept the nation.

To accomplish its mission, the Laffer Center will:

  • Produce original research to weigh in on the issues of the day at the state and federal level, as well as important global economic issues, with a rigorous examination of the role of market incentives in public policy.
  • Build and preserve the nation’s largest collection of market-based research, beginning with an archive of Dr. Laffer’s published research and editorials, and including not only new research in supply-side economics, but also the work of other supply-side scholars and thought leaders past, present, and future.
  • Cultivate relationships with national political leaders — today’s elected officials, and the rising political stars of tomorrow — arming them with research and policy recommendations that promote economic freedom as a path toward greater prosperity.
  • Educate people on the benefits of economic freedom and liberty through aggressive outreach through the media, speeches, events, and other activities that take our message to audiences around the nation and world.