Robert Mundell: The Zeus of Economics has Died

I spent all weekend thinking about Bob Mundell. I had just gotten the hard copy of my own book released several weeks ago, and I was reading it, beginning with the dedication: To Bob Mundell. Robert A. Mundell, the 1999 Nobel Prizewinner in economics and in an easy argument the greatest economist of the last several generations, died April 4 in his beloved Italy at the age of 88.

The book I wrote is The Emergence of Arthur Laffer: The Foundations of Supply-Side Economics in Chicago and Washington, 1966-1976. Subject 1A of the book is that mentioned in the title. 1B is Arthur Laffer’s best friend in economics, Mundell, ever since the two became the fastest of chums on the economics faculties of the University of Chicago in the latter 1960s.

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