Endorsements and Reviews

“[A] comprehensive account of Laffer’s interactions with policymakers prior to meeting Ronald Reagan….” The Emergence of Arthur Laffer shows that to the “establishment, the most dangerous economist is a credentialed dissident with the ability to communicate abstract ideas, using common sense, to influential media and policymakers after escaping an academic straightjacket.” – Greg Kaza, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics

“As Domitrovic explains it, ‘There had been no crisis brewing in the economy, Laffer and Mundell said. Rather, the economy met a fate that the establishment of professional economics had engineered for it by means of maladroit policy’….What’s staggering about all this is that economists could so monolithically believe that floating money would be an economic enhancement….Let’s never forget that economists similarly believe in near-monolithic fashion that economic growth causes inflation, that government spending made possible by economic growth actually boosts it, and that the wealth destruction, maiming and killing that is war has a growth upside. Thank goodness the profession ‘expectorated’ Laffer and Mundell. Academia’s loss was our gain.” – John Tamny, Forbes.com